Preplanning Checklist

Preplanning Checklist

The following checklist will help you create your personalized plan.

Preplanning Options:

  • Download the Pre Arrangement Planning Guide.pdf, print it out, and mail it to 300 S. Oak Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449
  • Use our Preplan Online form and submit it through our website
  • Call 715-387-1242 or email mail@rembsfh.com and set up an appointment to meet with one of our licensed directors at one of our four funeral home locations or in the comfort of your own house

Ways to Plan Ahead:



  • Gather personal information for your obituary.
  • Choose a charity to direct donations to, if desired.
  • Choose a funeral home.
  • Make note of any instructions for your services and final disposition.

Funeral Service

  • Choose burial or cremation.
  • Select a casket or cremation container.
  • Choose locations and types of services.
  • Choose floral arrangements.
  • Select which photographs and memorabilia you’d like to display.
  • Consider any customs, traditions, or religious rites that are important to you and your family.
  • Choose the clothing you’d like to be dressed in.
  • Select music and hymns, if desired.
  • Choose a theme for decorations and stationery at your services.
  • Arrange transportation for your physical remains and your family.


  • Choose a clergy member or officiator to preside over the service.
  • Select any musicians whose talents you’d like to employ.
  • Select pallbearers.
  • Choose friends or family members to perform the eulogy, read scripture, or prepare a speech.

Final Disposition

  • Choose a cemetery.
  • Select a burial plot or mausoleum.
  • Select a memorial or grave marker and inscription.
  • Decide who will keep your urn.
  • Decide who will scatter your ashes and where.

Who Needs Death Certificates? 

  • Life Insurance Company - one for each company, regardless the number of policies
  • Banks - one for each bank, whether accounts are in joint tenancy
  • Stocks - individual or jointly owned, one for each company
  • Bonds - one for US Savings Bonds - they can be reissued to new owners
    Corporate bonds - you’ll need one for each company.
  • Real Estate - one for each county where the property is owned
  • Secretary of State - one for each if the individual is named on a title for an automobile, boat, mobile home, etc.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) - one for each financial institution where funds are maintained
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs) - one for each financial institution where funds are maintained
  • Pension - one for each pension fund
  • Health Insurance - one if deceased’s employer provided insurance
  • Current Pay / Vacation Pay - one if the deceased is currently employed
  • 401K / 403b / Retirement Plansone for each depository
  • Federal / State / Local Income Taxes - one for each level
  • Probate - if estate of the deceased is being probated, you will need at least 5
  • Social Security Administration - might need a certified copy upon their request
  • Credit Cards - one for each company (with a balance)

  • The amount of time it can take to receive the death certificates can range from weeks to months, usually depending on the time it takes the physician to sign the cause of death.

    *The initial processing fee for the first copy is $20.00 and then $3.00 or each additional copy.

    On average, most families order 10-12 certified copies.

Information You'll Need

Personal Information

  • Your father’s name
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your level of education
  • Your social security number


  • Fraternal organizations
  • Service organizations
  • Union memberships
  • Any special recognitions you have

Military Service Information

  • Military service
  • Branch rank
  • Date of enlistment
  • Date of discharge
  • Name(s) of war/conflict(s) toured
  • Serial number


There’s no need to make all the decisions right away. For personalized assistance in creating your plan, contact one of our experts to schedule a one-on-one meeting.

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